We Back

To anyone looking for a job where you get to be a pirate for wisdom, plundering more than you sow, become a therapist.

I’d love to know the statistic of personal blogs that have had a dead period of such length that they require a “this space is back,” post such as this one. A high percentage would of course validate me for this extended hiatus, but in lieu of such a figure, I’ll just provide excuses.

The past year has been a flurry of activity and growth, the likes of which were prohibitive not just of pursuit of this creative outlet, but also of seeing good friends, attending family events, catching my favorite bands in town, etc. It’s been busy. But, I’m pleased to announce, (much like a distasteful/annoying/self-congratulatory Facebook post) that this period of my life has paid off, and I find myself currently employed as a full-time, licensed outpatient therapist.

I don’t feel like going through the details of all that the past year has held. Nor do I have the attention span or audacity to write a post of the length that it would require to catch this space up. What I will do however, is start maintaining this space at a more regular clip, and necessarily, it will contain anecdotes and reflections on my journey over the past year.

Posts will also look slightly different, mainly in their form, somewhat in their content. I would like to take a leaf out of a good friend’s book and hone my writing to be more succinct, but I’m afraid that I’m a bit of a windbag on the page. Don’t fear for my clients; I’m less of one in the office (or so I’d like to think…) At any rate however, my posts will be less New Yorker wannabe-esque, and will be more true to this site’s tag line, dispatches. I find myself with snippets of ideas and thoughts throughout each week of therapy that I feel deserve documenting before they drift off into the ether of my mind. With any luck, perhaps someone else finds them worthy also.

If there’s one update I feel compelled to share relevant to the reboot of this blog, it’s that the most surprising aspect of my experience so far has been my delving, and mainly being pulled deeper into my faith. I could not have foreseen the importance of faith as such a cornerstone of my work with many of my clients. The vast majority of them are Christians, disengaged Christians, or folks who are interested in pursuing spirituality. I had no idea that I would be so shaped by them and their generous displays of testimony. I also find myself employed by a faith-based organization and surrounded by believers who speak so earnestly about their faith, who are so consistently guided by their faith, that I’ve found it impossible not to admire them and amplify God’s voice in my own life.

We’ll see where this goes, but I can’t imagine this space being wholly secular when my practice is being so guided and informed by my own developments as a Christian. So expect that there will be writings of a spiritual nature on here as well. I’m excited to see what happens next, and to continue to discover my therapy practice; the evolution is my favorite part. There is endless opportunity for improvement, and I’m surprised by my experiences every day.

The greatest blessing of all is that for all of my efforts, my clients surprise and enrich me tenfold in return. To get to do this every day, for pay, truly seems to me as if I have exploited some tear in the fabric of the universe. To anyone looking for a job where you get to be a pirate for wisdom, plundering more than you sow, become a therapist. You won’t regret it. Stay tuned as I sift through my loot.