Dispatch No. 3

When it Clicks, Celebration

Boy, this counseling thing is a real ride. Feeling particularly blessed and energized at the moment. There’s something about this job where when it’s good, it’s really good.

There’s this feeling I capture maybe once or twice a month. Sometimes after a session or a day of sessions with clients that go particularly well, I feel confidence and conviction that lets me know I’m making a difference and that I know what I’m doing. It feels so counter to the 98% of the job where I feel more like I did this morning as I fumbled around my house, putting on my boots and coat in the dark, stumbling out into the rain while my wife slept (dear Lord, that woman deserves this day off.)

But the feeling I have right now is a total high of sorts, when things click like this. I’ve never had a runner’s high, (only lows for me when I run,) but from what I’ve read, I imagine it feels sort of like that. There’s just a sense that I get when a client is progressing, and finding what we do in session useful in their lives that gets me feeling so energized, like I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Driving home yesterday I was listening to an episode of The Robcast with Rob Bell (a joyful man who loves goofy titles) and Fr. Richard Rohr when I was struck by a divinely revised job description of sorts. My job is to help others view themselves the way God sees them. Not inherently flawed, but inherently blessed and equipped to fulfill amazing things set aside for them. I believe that the feeling I am experiencing comes directly from having a sense that I achieved that in some way or other.

As I write this, the sun is coming out for the first time in days, and I can’t think of a more perfect celebration. I’m stretching out and it’s my intention to soak up both the sun and this feeling. May it carry me through the next stretch of fumbling and stumbling, and I pray my clients receive this joy as well.