Religion, which in the ideal exists as a system for living and a major support, instead becomes a fortified and seemingly impenetrable castle for the ego.

That Other Client


Collective fascination manifests in people’s faces when they tilt their heads from their phones to see who I’ve been working with, and who’s next. It’s the Tony Soprano waiting-room curiosity.

We Back


To anyone looking for a job where you get to be a pirate for wisdom, plundering more than you sow, become a therapist.

"Here’s hoping my clients aren’t looking for some sort of saint-like fellow who has it all figured out."

On Work to be Done


". . . here we are. We have on our (normal sized hands) a president who simply has no idea how to run a country, much less one as complex and obviously divided as America. Things will get worse before they get better."

"In evaluating the two major presidential candidates from a therapist’s perspective, the choice is clear. Hillary Clinton must be our next president."

On Spirit & Scale


". . . God is bigger, more expansive, more powerful than any of us have the capacity to conceptualize. And I believe that this has to be the case, not for the observable reasons or miracles I can point to, but instead because of the times when I can’t point to a single one."

". . . my mind became filled of the differences between Frankl’s experiences and my own. Where Frankl had no agency over his circumstances, I had full control over mine. I had access to endless food and drink where he had only the occasional scrap of bread and unclean water."